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Coaching Services

Book coaching differs from editing in one big way: Coaching is an ongoing relationship between the editor and the author. 

Usually in an editor-writer relationship, my role is limited in scope. I am engaged for a specific set of services, to be completed in a specific amount of time, and then the book returns to the author and they either implement my feedback or they don't. 

In book coaching, I work with you in an ongoing basis, in whatever way you need at that stage in your process. Some people engage a book coach at the very beginning, getting professional input and encouragement when the book is nothing more than an idea and some enthusiasm. Other authors don't seek out this kind of support until they are deep into their career and need someone to craft ideas more quickly and cohesively in order to keep up with their deadlines and readership demands. 

I've been editing manuscripts for thirteen years. My critique partners have gone on to be traditionally published or have found success self-publishing. I used to be an associate editor with an independent press for almost two years and was been on the faculty for various writing conferences since 2019.


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With the exception of Package E, all packages require a three-month minimum commitment and two months' of services must be prepaid in order to begin coaching services. 

Package E is a one-time brainstorm service: I read up to 20,000 words of your manuscript (this can be in prose or in outline form, or some combination of the two) and then we have a one-hour call to discuss your options and I'll send an edit letter with my feedback. 

Can't afford editing or coaching services? Totally understandable. My Patreon and TikTok are full of free advice plus courses and guides to help you self-edit for much less out-of-pocket cost. 


I’m lucky enough to have had Gina critique and edit my work for years. Her critical eye has helped me polish and revise four novels that have gone on to be traditionally published. As an editor, she excels in characterization and plot, but she also keeps abreast of trends and tropes in publishing so that she can give feedback on ways to make tired storylines fresh again. She is a consummate professional who communicates clearly and is always responsive and timely in her feedback. I can’t imagine sending a book into the world without her input. - Kate Watson, YA and Adult Romance Author 

Spend five minutes with her, and you will know that you have met a master of narrative. She has a distinct style, whether in her use of phrasing and timing in storytelling or her chosen methods of teaching. In addition to her own writing, Gina dedicates her life to creative endeavors, creating a safe haven for students with creative prospects; she creates positive environments for others to build the same capabilities. - Eileen Souza, Book Reviewer

I value Gina's opinion immediately in my own writing. She has a sharp eye for pacing, plot, and character development that is invaluable in honing my work. I depend upon Gina to be honest and focused with the manuscripts I send her, and she always lives up to the expectation. Gina has a distinct skill in narration that always keeps me immersed in the story, whether a rough first draft or polished submission-ready material. - Raneé S. Clark, Romance Author

My Style and Genres

My goal is always to help your manuscript shine, to become the best version of itself. I never want to change your story into something it's not, into something that feels like mine instead of yours. Your voice matters. Your story matters. I want to help you bring it to life in a way that you're proud of and that connects with your readers. 

I work in Word with Track Changes and heavily utilize the Comment feature. Rather than telling you what to fix, I often choose to ask questions that will drive you to make the necessary fixes in the way you see fit. In addition to inline edits and comments, Developmental Edits come with an edit letter that addresses overall story and character arcs, pacing, and genre expectations. 

I edit both fiction and nonfiction for adults and children. Primarily, I read for an adult or young adult audience, and will often be a better fit for women's voices. I do read middle grade, chapter books, and picture books, but don't spend as much time editing those age categories. 


In fiction, my favorite genres are: 

- Fantasy, all subgenres

- Soft science fiction (sorry, I can't fact check your physics or chemistry or anything of the sort)

- Romance of all heat levels (but not ultra dark romances; I won't be the best fit for noncon or hard BDSM)

- Historical with a particular focus on 1700 - 1950 in Europe and the European diaspora in North America

- Contemporary literary and women's fiction

- Thrillers and Romantic Suspense, but mostly if you're looking for plot holes and plausibility

In nonfiction, my favorites are: 

- Social justice and social history

- Memoir, but be warned that I will mercilessly address the marketability of your story

- History, particularly if it's about women, music, the revolutionary period, or subversive stories

- Parenting, education, homeschool, and child development

If you think I'd be a good fit for your work, send me an email. I'd love to fall in love with your story and help it shine! 

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