I've lived in the Phoenix, Arizona area almost my entire life, with brief stints in Dallas, TX and Orlando, FL (Disneyworld!). I majored in Music Education for two years, but finished with a degree in Business and Human Resources Management (that transition is a long story that can be summed up with: I was young.) My graduate work is in Education and Child Development, with an emphasis on teaching children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

I spent eight years in banking, then seven years homeschooling my children, and then five years teaching band and orchestra at a charter school in southwest Phoenix. I returned to homeschooling and helping my husband run a successful private law firm, doing bookkeeping and legal writing. 

I began writing fiction in January 2011, starting with a contemporary YA novel. That novel was accepted by a publisher, but by the time it finally had an offer, it didn't feel like me anymore, and I decided not to sign that contract. That story eventually morphed into a 1940s nuclearpunk romance that I still hope to publish someday. I turned away from romance and into science fiction and fantasy and found my flow, my home. I signed with Kirsten Carleton of Waxman Leavell in January 2015 and went on submission. Ms. Carleton left the publishing business in 2017 and I stepped away from writing to focus on my family for a while. In late 2018, I started querying again, this time in YA fantasy.  

In addition to novels, I also write for parents and educators. I was a contributing writer for the now-defunct DESERET CONNECT, a lifestyle site for LDS parents and families. I've published articles on Medium regarding education, homeschooling, and literary analysis. My articles have also been published by Education Weekly and other online venues. My first non-fiction book for educators is currently being queried. 

I joined American Night Writers Association in 2012 and started a local writing group in 2017. I have taught classes at the ANWA writing conference in Gilbert, AZ and am available for other conference appearances. In 2021, I am the finance chair for the Storymakers Conference in Provo, UT, which I have attended since 2013. 

On a personal note, I have four children, three of whom have special learning needs. We have three more dogs than I want and we enjoy spending time together as a family (as in: we enjoyed quarantine 2020). I enjoy hiking, crossfit, and yoga, but am a spinal surgery warrior and can do basically none of that anymore. I have been to Disney more than you and am judging your Mexican food harshly.