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I met Brandon Sanderson and was a huge dork.

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

I went to Storymakers in April, and it was awesome (and part of me is sure I’ll get around to writing a wrap-up post about it… sometime).

Part of the conference was an enormous book signing, including two of the biggest guests in attendance: Orson Scott Card and Brandon Sanderson.

I got to meet Orson Scott Card for a brief moment, but I was not a huge dork. My friend Ruthanne was… but that’s not really my story to tell, so I’ll let her tell it if she wants to.

I did, however, meet Brandon Sanderson and let me tell you this, it was spectacular. For you all, I mean. Not for me. Here’s the story:

I bought STEELHEART and stood in line to meet Sanderson. I decided I was gonna play it cool and not be a big, nerdy fangirl. So, you know. Just “I’m a fan.” No claims of being his “biggest fan” or gushing or anything like that.

So, I sidled up to the table (cuz I’m cool, remember?), handed him my book and let him do his sharpie-marker-thing. We exchanged brief pleasantries, he marked up my book, and then the following conversation happened:

Me: “I’m a big fan of Writing Excuses.” Sanderson: “Oh really, that’s great!” Me: “Yeah.” Sanderson, looks up at me, makes a finger-gun sort of gesture: “You’re out of excuses…” Me: “Uh… ah… it’s time to write.”


In case you’re not a fan of Writing Excuses, the signoff goes like this –

“You’re out of excuses, now go write.”

Sanderson has been saying this at the end of each episode for, like, seven years or something. So that’s literally hundreds of episodes that I’ve listened to with that tagline.

And when I had the chance to exchange lines with the creator of the tagline…

I blew it.

I not only said it wrong, but I hesitated, and I used multiple vocal pauses before I said it incorrectly.

So much for being a “big fan of Writing Excuses” eh?

Tell me a time you did something dorky, make me feel better. Please?

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