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Shelved Novel #1

SNOW FALLING - Adult Fantasy/Fairy Tale Retelling 

When Queen Anastasia’s mirror is smashed to bits by one of Snow White’s temper tantrums, she believes it to be just another blow in her long-standing feud with the girl. In power struggles among royals, a bit of broken glass is the least of anyone’s problems. When the mirror is replaced, however, Anastasia discovers her new mirror has powers – powers that could be the key to success in a palace that had been unwelcoming to the peasant queen up until now.

Anastasia uses the powerful new mirror to spy on her servants and subjects and even other realms. She uses her knowledge to gain a reputation for knowing all, for seeing all. Then one day, she sees a horrific vision in the mirror: Her husband dead, her children in chains, and Snow White leading a rebel army against her homeland.

Obsession takes over as Anastasia tries to prevent this vision from coming true, but as her husband passes away and Snow White goes missing, she realizes the vision is coming true all around her. Anastasia must resort to drastic measures – even utilizing a centuries-old dark secret from a neighboring kingdom – to keep herself, her children, and her kingdom safe.

Shelved Novel #2

WAKING BEAUTY - Adult Fantasy/Fairy Tale Retelling

Razina’s daughter slips closer to death every day. Her prodigious skills as a healer and sorceress have done nothing to stop the deadly disease, and desperate times call for desperate magic.

Razina turns to the queen, her former employer, begging for favors – and willing to steal them if necessary. When Razina digs deep and finds an ancient spell, she believes she’s found the cure to her daughter’s frightening illness. But in order for the spell to work, a life must be sacrificed, and Razina will be forced to choose who should lose their life so her daughter can live hers.

Shelved Novel #3


When Sadie O’Connor meets Alton Robertson, dancing to that newfangled electro-swing music that everyone in Hollywood loves, she is sure she’s met her future husband. As the two navigate the high-society scene, sparks fly – literally, since Sadie is a mechanic and an amateur engineer, raised by the leading nuclear scientist of the day. 


Weeks after they meet, however, Pearl Harbor is attacked. Like so many young men in America, Alton enlists and is sent to the south Pacific, leaving Sadie behind without her dance partner and without anyone who believes in her engineering capabilities. 


While pursuing a not-very-ladylike career in robotics and nuclear engineering, Sadie meets Royston Pennyshire, an adorable Brit who works for her father and is looking for a serious relationship. Sadie has no reason to keep him at arm’s length – no reason except that her heart isn’t ready to move on just yet.


Sadie has all but given up on her happily ever after with Alton when he returns, presenting her with a difficult choice: return to the broken soldier who held a place in her heart for so long or stay with the steadfast scientist who put her back together when she was falling apart. 

Shelved Novel #4



Idelisa has an adventurer’s heart but spent the first seventeen years of her life stagnating in the shadow of her sister, the heiress to their jungle island queendom. When Ida follows her heart, she ends up the only girl on board a merchant ship, with nothing but the blade in her hand and the magic in her bones to protect her. One, she’s great at using. The other, not so much.


Carrington’s empathic magic tells him there’s something different about this girl who carries herself like a queen but wields a blade like a warrior. His magic also tells him she needs more protection from someone – he can’t figure out who – on her crew than even she realizes. But keeping her alive is a heavier task than he bargained for, and unraveling her secrets turns out to be a full-time job of its own.


With the ship in dire financial straits, a stowaway with mysterious powers of her own, and a conspiracy against Ida’s family bubbling to the surface, Ida needs to figure out if the sailor who knows too much is really on her side. And if he is, they’ll need to untangle the conspiracy fast enough to save their own lives, as well as those of the crew and the royal family back home.      

Shelved Novel #5

I KNOW YOU - New Adult Inspirational Romance​

All little girls grow up and realize that they aren’t living in a fairy tale. You just can’t expect some handsome prince to show up and sweep you off your feet. It just doesn’t work that way.

Elisa Vasquez has been in love with the same boy, Luke, since she was fourteen. For the last five years, Elisa has had nothing but coincidences, chance meetings and stolen moments with her handsome prince… er… regular boy. Elisa decides she needs to move on, grow up and start dating boys who are right here, right now. There’s only one problem: she’s terrible at it. Okay, two problems: she’s still stuck on Luke.


Fate throws her one last chance, and Elisa finds herself in the same place, at the same time, as Luke Robertson. Now Elisa’s all grown up and it’s time for her to find out: has she been waiting all this time for a real-life love story? Or has she been holding onto a childish fairy tale that can never come true?

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