Women in Music History

Every week on twitter, I share the story of one woman in music history. Some of them shattered records, other blazed new trails, but all of them fought for their place in an industry dominated and ruled by men and corporate interests.


From there, her star began to rise. Her recording career had been sluggish up to this point but “Walkin After Midnight” became a smash hit, so did “Crazy” and “I Fall to Pieces”. “Walkin After Midnight” became a crossover hit, #12 on the Hot 100 chart #WomenInMusicHistory


Hobby or not, Amy wanted to learn to compose. She went to the library and found books written by composition masters. The only problem? Bach had written his in German and Berlioz had written his in French. Amy spoke neither language. What's a girl to do?

Well, Amy the Genius taught herself both languages, translated the books by Bach and Berlioz, then taught herself composition from the translated texts. Like a boss. #WomenInMusicHistory